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Ian Cull's Auto-Up Circuit v6

Ian Cull's Auto-Up Circuit v6

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The Ian Cull's Auto-Up circuit adds auto-up window, track-mode DSC defeat, and auto front fog-light control to the R50, R52 and R53 Mini Cooper.

Ian's “MINI circuit” solves the annoyance of having to hold the window toggle switch up to close windows in a MINI – especially troublesome with a manual transmission when pulling away from a toll booth in wet weather!

Once the auto-up feature has been enabled, it can be activated by a quick double click up of the appropriate window toggle switch.

The "Track Mode DSC" will turn the DSC off shortly after starting the car. This is very usefull for those that race, AutoX or participate in HPDEs.

The "Auto Front Fogs" turns the front fog lights on whenever the headlights are turned on. Great for those that like lots of light!

All of the functions can be enabled or disabled via the toggle switch panel.

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Auto-Up Windows
Once the auto-up feature has been enabled, it can be activated by a quick double click up of the appropriate window toggle switch. If you click the toggle switch down while the auto-up is active, the circuit will immediately cancel its signal and window movement will stop; a second click down will be needed to open the window again.

Track-Mode DSC Defeat
The Mini dynamic stabillity control is what's known as a "slow" system, cutting power when driving agressively on the track. When enabled, this feature turns off the DSC system a few seconds after starting the car. No more heading out onto the track and feeling that loss of power to remind you that you didn't turn the system off.

Auto Front Fog-lights
When this feature is enabled, the front fog lights will turn on whenever the headlights are turned on. The toggle will still work as normal, so if you want to turn them off (when there's lots of traffic around, for example) you still can. Like all features in this module, it is programmed via the toggle panel.

Toggle Switch Programming
No dip switches here! The circuit is put into "program mode" by holding the lock toggle for 5 seconds. You can change the settings as needed in moments. Leaving the track at the end of a day? Just turn off the "track mode DSC" and have the safety benefits of dynamic stabillity control on the street. Driving in city traffic for a few days? Turn of AFF in moments. Once the circuit is installed, you never need to turn a screwdriver to change settings at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is this the circuit designed by GBMINI?
Yes. GBMINI is Ian Cull. He first produced the circuit as a favor to the Mini community. After selling more than 1700 of them, it was more effort than he was willing to sustain, and FES and Ian talked about transferring the product to us. We have Ian's full support in this effort. He has offloaded the effort of creating and supporting the product, and the Mini community doesn't loose access to a wonderful product.

Where can I learn more about this history of the Auto-Up circuit?
All of Ian's web information is still available at Ian's Auto-Up Pages Feel free to go there and look at the history of the product along with links to several different installation methods and user reviews.

Can this circuit burn out my window motor?
No. The MINI window electronics detect window closure and turn off the window motor automatically. So it doesn't matter if the window is all the way down or just part way down when you use the "auto-up" feature. Your car is protected!

Is version 6.1 shipping now?
No. v6.1 was a special build and only works on cars with auto-up for the drivers side from the factory. We do activly work on improving all our products, and some of the features of v6.1 will be included in our next major release.

Are there any independant reviews of this product?
Yes there are! It's mentioned on pretty much every Mini board and Gabe of MotoringFile has written a complete review as well.