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Top Commander for R52

Top Commander for R52
The Top Commander Circuit for the R52 is a control module that makes opening and closing the top much easier. No longer do you have to hold buttons down through a long and annoying sequence.

A double tap on the top down button fully opens the top. A double tap on the top up fully closes it! A single tap on the window close button fully closes all the windows too.

Like all FES Control Modules, there are no dip switches to set: just install and enjoy!

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Double Tap!
The Top Commander Circuit for R52 control module is activated by quick double taps. The top down sequence (hold to open sunroof, release, hold to open top) is replaced with two quick double taps. The close top sequence is replaced with a quick double tap as well.

A single tap to the top control button stops all motion as a safty feature.

No Dip Switches!
The control module comes fully programmed! It's even upgradeable so that any future enhancements can be added! there are no dip switches or dials, once installed it just works.

Simple Installation
The Top Commander Circuit for R52 installs easily behind the top control switch panel. The small control ciruit (less than 1.5 square inches) mounts with some two sided foam tape. Total installation time is less than 20 minutes for even the most mechanically challenged!

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Frequently Asked Questions
I swapped modes to "sunroof mode" and strange things happen. What's going on?
After a mode change, the unit needs to be power-cycled. Then all will be well.

When I change modes, the LED on the top switch never flashes. Why is that?
The LED that indicates a mode change is NOT the LED on the top control switch. It is the small white rectangular LED mounted on the board labelled B3.

Sometimes my windows go up after the top goes down. Why is that?
MINI built in a "feature" that if you hold the top-down button for more than 2 seconds after the top has gone down the windows are raised. The timing in the Top Commander is fixed, but the speed at which the top moves isn't! Some cars are faster than others. If you have a very fast top motion mechanism, you can run into this issue. Just tap the window down button and it will stop the windows. This also happens when the Top Commander is in "Sunroof Mode".